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Limited Time, Special Offer On Pure Body Protein

The First 50 Customers Can Save $40.00!

New Name, New Look, New Can!

For the past 20 years, we’ve sold one of the country’s best chocolate protein meal replacement shakes under the Gold Standard Protein brand. Now, as we relaunch as Pure Body Protein, we are selling direct to the consumer with an easy to open can and new look! So to celebrate, the first 50 customers will save an amazing $40 on one can of Pure Body Protein.*

24g of Protein | 1g of Carbs | 1g of Sugar

Modern scientific research tells us we need to take in more protein, and we need to consume less sugar and carbohydrates.  That’s what this program is about… giving you the protein you need, and eliminating the sugars and carbs, that you don’t need. Regardless of how long you have been struggling with your weight, Pure Body Protein can help you achieve your weight loss goals and control your blood sugar; helping you feel and look your best.

Over 14,000,000 Shakes Sold

Pure Body Protein is safe for diabetics, compared with other meal replacement shakes that are overloaded with sugar. The formula is a complete protein, reinforced with 32 amino acids and protein profiles that will supply your body with boundless energy yet helps curb the cravings that can often foil your efforts. And with only 1g of carbs, it can easily be integrated into any low-carb diet. By replacing carbohydrates and fats with high quality proteins, Pure Body Protein helps your body burn off excess fat while building lean muscle tissue.

*Limit one can per person, per household.


$59.95 $19.95